Wet & Powder Coat Painting

powercoat_01.jpgOur extensive paint lines offer both powder and wet coat painting options.

Powder Coating

Powder coating results in a thick, dense finish on metal products which can be more durable and longer lasting than conventional painting. We offer multiple custom colors and finishing textures. All parts go through a 3-stage cleaning and phosphate system and are inspected before entering the powder coat booth and ovens. Our expert painters then do a final inspection to make sure your parts meet our highest standards. Our paint line has achieved a level 4 rating from the Caterpillar paint auditors by meeting their tough standards!

Wet Paint

The benefits of wet paint are quite complimentary to powder coating. Wet paint is ideal for products which cannot be heated for powder coating because wet paint does not require an oven for curing. Wet paint can produce a much thinner finish than powder coating. Products which demand a thin finish can benefit greatly from wet paint.

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