Multipurpose Communication Shelter

commshelter_01.jpgGeneral Devices Multipurpose Communication Shelters are constructed of powder-coated steel and insulated for maximum weatherability requiring minimal maintenance. Protect your equipment with one of our temperature controlled environment options: air conditioning, base board heat or forced air.

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  • Tough and resilient
  • Costs less than concrete or fiberglass
  • Light enough to be portable - can be site located by forklift or boom
  • Locate on any firm, level surface - no site foundation required
  • Strength, security, and durability of steel
  • Weatherproof
  • Work inside, not outside
  • Locks from the outside for security
  • Power, cable, and utility access through floor

Available Options

  • Baseboard heater and/or window or wall unit air conditioner with thermostat
  • Exhaust fan with thermostat
  • 19-inch equipment rack & relay rack configurations
  • Overhead cable racks
  • Emergency generator connection
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Mechanical Specifications

Product Code Width Depth Height Shipping Weight
MCS667 77 in (195 cm) 72 in (183 cm) 86 in (218 cm) 1800+
MCS669 77 in (195 cm) 72 in (183 cm) 104 in (264 cm) 2200+
MCS697 77 in (195 cm) 108 in (274 cm) 86 in (218 cm) 2400+
MCS699 77 in (195 cm) 108 in (274 cm) 104 in (264 cm) 2900+
MCS8129 96 in (244 cm) 144 in (366 cm) 104 in (264 cm) 4400+


Walls, floor and ceiling: Powder-coated steel with insulation
Door: Dimensions: 31" X 72"
Shipped with three-point locking handle and eye for padlock
Bases: Forklift accessible
Ventilation panels: With fan and timer
Shelter interior: White melamine walls
Lighting kit: Fluorescent light and wall receptacles
Hardware kit: Stainless steel anchor brackets

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BSI ISO 9001-2008 FM 80298 RoHS Compliant Available